Water Treatment Company: efficent solutions in UAE

The company

ImWater is a company specialized in water treatment systems design and manufacturing.

We carry out the complete process, from basic engineering, detail, manufacturing, supply, transportation, installation at destination, start-up and training. By acting directly in all phases, we can offer you the best customized solution for your needs.

We have extensive facilities where we can undertake all kinds of projects, with large capacities of industrial boilermaking, large storage area, warehouse, paint booth, mechanization workshop, test bench workshop, etc.




ImWATER belongs to an important industrial group with 50 years of experience in the development of industrial and environmental projects.

Multidisciplinar engineering

We count with an important group of Industrial, Chemical, and Electrical engineers that allow you to be able to deal with all kind of water treatment projects anywhere in the world.

Projects for development

ImWater develops projects both for drinkable water purification and waste water treatment systems which are used in developing countries, and is committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


In addition to executing projects, the objective of the ImWATER is to guarantee the continued and efficient provision of our Water Treatment Plants.


The company is part of the United Nations Global Compact.


We develop all our Projects and our Processes, under the Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2000, with the objective of carrying out a continuous quality assurance process that involves all our personnel, internal processes and quality of our products.

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