Seawater desalination (SWRO)

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Seawater desalination (SWRO)

ImWater carries out complete projects for seawater desalination systems, from the engineering phase to the manufacture, assembly and supply of equipment.

These systems are known as SWRO systems, “Sea Water Reverse Osmosis”.

The most widespread seawater desalination process uses Reverse Osmosis (Reverse Osmosis or RO) technology. This process requires high pressures of the order of 55-70 bar, which entails significant pumping energy consumption. In addition, it is necessary to use special materials with high resistance to corrosion produced by seawater.

On the other hand, a characteristic of any osmosis system is that there is a maximum conversion that can be obtained, depending on the salinity of the raw water, the water temperature, the required quality of the treated water, etc. For sea water, conversions of over 40-50% are usually used.


  1. Reverse osmosis racks of all sizes, specially designed to be transported in containers to the final destination. According to customer needs for large projects.
  2. Complete compact seawater desalination plants, modular, with capacities of about 2000 m3 / day (2MLD) per module.
  3. Small desalination plants for coastal hospitality or small communities. Very compact systems
  4. Manufacture of high pressure pipes in special alloys such as Duplex or Superduplex, and low pressure pipes in PVC, HDPE, GRP …

Reverse osmosis skids for seawater desalination designed by ImWater:


  • Pretreatment (disinfection)
  • Multimedia Filters with silex, anthracite, Turbidex …
  • Filters with activated carbon bed
  • Cartridge filters (microfiltration)
  • Dosing of conditioning chemicals
  • High pressure pumping ( centrifugal multistage or positive displacement)
  • Energy recovery (pressure exchangers or turbochargers)
  • Reverse osmosis racks
  • Post-treatments (for example dosing of residual chlorine)
  • Membrane flushing and CIP washing systems


The desalination plants we offer can have small or medium treatment capacities, so that they are supplied mounted in a single skid or containerized structure, or even several of them; or they can be large desalination facilities, where multiple skids and large equipment are supplied to be assembled in situ.

  • Desalination for coastal hotels and small communities: They can be treatment systems of less than 1 m3/h up to 10 m3/h for example. According to your needs. To supply for example up to 1000-2000 people. ImWater supplies them fully pre-assembled, ready to connect inputs, outputs and electricity. Easy operation and maintenance Reduced chemical consumption.
  • Complete compact medium desalination systems: Compact systems pre-assembled in racks or containers, modular, with unit modules of up to 2000 m3/day. Our most common pre-established capacities are the following, although custom plants can be made:
      • IMBWRO 50 => 50 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 100 => 100 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 200 => 200 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 500 => 500 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 1000 => 1000 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 1500 => 1500 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 2000 => 2000 m3/day
  • Big desalination plants: Systems for large populations. Tailor-made projects, with a large part of infrastructure in civil works. ImWater can design and supply all equipment such as osmosis skids, sand filters, microfilters, pumps, energy recovery, etc.

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  • Manufacture and supply of pipes, couplings, grooved sleeves and high pressure valves in special alloys, such as DUPLEX or SUPERDUPLEX
  • Manufacture and supply of customized low pressure manifolds and valves for permeate, in PVC, HDPE, GRP …
  • Pressure tests certified for previous manufacturing.



  • Manufacture of special pressure metal filters for seawater.
  • Internal finishes in ebonized rubber up to 3mm or special ceramic paint.
  • Special manufactures in GRP.



  • Pressure exchangers: 
      • For our larger seawater systems we install pressure intercoolers type PX-Q300 from ERI or similar, such as those that can be seen in the image to the right. These devices use the reject current to pressurize part of the feed flow, thus requiring a high pressure pump with a lower flow rate and therefore saving energy. Imwater manufactures the custom frames in a modular way, with the number of PX necessary to satisfy the needs of the project.
      • For smaller projects we also use compact pressure exchangers type ERI PX-S or Danfoss i-Save, which integrate exchanger and booster pump , all in one.
  • Turbochargers: For systems that require it, we can install ERI or FEDCO turbochargers, which use the concentrate stream to provide a pressure boost to a feed pump that in this case can be of lower power, saving energy.


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