Demineralization of industrial water

Demineralization of industrial water

ImWater designs, manufactures and starts-up industrial water demineralization systems based on reverse osmosis, ion-exchange and electrodeionization technologies, to reduce the content of dissolved salts in water.

Certain contaminants such as heavy metals or dissolved salts can not be removed from the water with other processes, and it is necessary to use technologies such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrodeionization, mixed beds, etc.

ImWater designs systems specifically for the incoming water quality and based on the quality that you want to achieve. Systems for brackish or saline water are manufactured, both to produce drinking water and to treat industrial effluents or to produce demineralized water for boiler supply.

The systems are designed in a compact way, mounted on racks and with the adequate dimensions for their transport in maritime containers.

Systems of osmosis, electrodeionization, ion exchange and mixed beds can be designed, with capacities from 1 m3 / h to 100 m3 / h or more, according to the needs of the client.





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