Neutralization of industrial effluents

Neutralization system

Neutralization of industrial effluents

ImWater designs and manufactures compact industrial effluent neutralization systems.

  • Neutralization of acidic or basic effluents.
  • Systems with double alternating neutralization chamber. The first chamber fills and neutralization begins, which while in process and subsequent emptying, the second chamber fills up, and vice versa. In this way, the process is continuous.
  • ImWater neutralization systems follow our philosophy of compact, skid-mounted or containerized equipment.
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Our neutralization systems are composed by:

  1. Two neutralization chambers. Tanks in HDPE, PRFV, or even larger designs in civil works. Ask for specific designs.
  2. Acid and basic reagent tanks.
  3. Acid and basic reagent dosing pumps. Dosing proportional to continuous pH measurement.
  4. Continuous pH measurement probes.
  5. System for rapid mixing of chamber volumes (mixing with agitators, or recirculation with pumps + mixing with eductors).
  6. Drain pumps (can be the same as those of the recirculation system + eductors).
  7. Final pH measurement and outlet flow meter.
  8. Automatic valves for filling and emptying the different chambers.
  9. Complete automation and control electrical panel.

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