Hydrocarbon separators

Hydrocarbon separators

ImWater designs and manufactures compact hydrocarbon separators, based on CPI (corrugate plate interceptor) technology.

These equipments are based on Stokes Law to separate oils and hydrocarbons from water.

Hydrocarbon separators

The heart of this equipment is a corrugated plate module that increases the separation surface per unit volume. Corrugated plates cause oil or hydrocarbon particles to bond together, a phenomenon called coalescence, becoming larger and increasing their separation efficiency.

  • The oils float and collect at the top.
  • The water, with less than 5 mg / L of hydrocarbons, comes out through the intermediate part of the equipment, separated by a deflector from the floating area.
  • At the same time, the heavier solid particles settle to the bottom of the equipment and are normally collected in a frusto-conical hopper for thickening and subsequent purging of the system.


  • Materials: These spacers can be made of stainless steel or fiberglass
  • They can be designed to be surface-mounted, made of stainless steel, with legs and a frusto-conical shape, or buried, cylindrical and made of fiberglass (for example, buried for a car wash).
separador hidrocarburos

hydrocarbons separator

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