Compact water treatment plants

ImWater designs, manufactures and performs the commisioning and starting up of Compact Water Treatment Plants, containerized in 20 and 40 ft standarized structures for sea transport.

We are an authorised manufacturer of CSC containers, with 15 years experience in manufacturing of these kind of systems all around the world. Our team has optimized the desing and production costs of theses systems over the time, which allows us to provide the most competitive solutions.


ImWater water treatment plants are designed to meet the needs of the client and can be composed of:

  • Customized pumping pumps (including floating pumping platforms with flexible tubing)
  • Pre-grinding of sands with hydrocyclones or primary decanters
  • Dosage of chlorine at the entrance. Manual or automatic. Even complex chlorine gas dosing systems for high capacity plants.
  • Dosage of coagulants and flocculants at the entrance. Dosing of pH adjustment. Manual or automatic.
  • Customized static mixers
  • Customized coagulation and flocculation chambers
  • Rapid and slow mixers
  • Lamellar decanters, including tank, hoppers, lamellar blocks, discharge coils, etc.
  • Intermediate pumping tanks, controlled by levels automatically
  • Customized filtering pumps
  • Pressure filtration systems with different technologies like sand bed, anthracite, activated carbon, etc.
  • Manual or automatic filter backwashers. With water and air
  • Post-treatment systems such as chlorination, ozonation, UV disinfection …
  • Pumping of treated water according to flow and pressure requirements
  • Pressure groups for water supply services
  • Complete electrical panels, manual or automated
  • Instrumentation of all kinds (flow meters, pH probes, turbidity, chlorine, differential pressure switches, etc)


    • Reliability: The Plants comply with the regulations established by the WHO regarding health in the consumption of water.
    • Capacity of Supply: ImWater standardized plants are designed to serve populations from 200 to 200,000 people. Lower or higher flow rates under client specifications.
    • Easy Installation: Being completely manufactured and assembled in our own facilities, the civil works requirements are minimal.
    • Manufacturing period: Very short deadlines due to have the manufacturing processes optimized and fully developed by the company itself.
    • Possibility of modulating the production.
    • Easy Installation and Start-up.
    • Great experience in the start-up of this type of plants in developing countries.
    • Easy Transportation. Being a manufacturer of CSC Containers, our plants have a fast and cheap logistics cost


Imwater manufactures drinking water treatment plants in standarized capacities of: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 m3/h. However, we can manufacture any system for smaller, intermediate or bigger capacities.

These systems are modular and the necessary number of units can be added in order to satisfy the productions needs.

Next some examples of bigger systems.




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