Compact waste water treatment plants

Compact wastewater treatment plant
ImWater designs and manufactures compact wastewater treatment plants, modular to be buried or in containers, which cover the needs of small and medium-sized populations; being its installation very simple and easy. 

These compact water treatment plants can be transported easily and economically, since ImWater is approved as a manufacturer of CSC Containers.

Their main features are:

Minimum smells
Absence of noise
They can go on surface or buried, minimizing the visual impact
Minimum installation cost
Minimum maintenance

Including front of valves both manual and automated, even with pneumatic valve boxes and control PLCs for backwash.

The most compact systems are based on technologies of:

    • Fluidised bed (MBBR): which reduces the volume of the biological reactor considerably by using biomass supports that allowsthe contaminating particles presented in the water to have a higher biomass concentration, in order to produce the necessary degradation more efficiently.
    • Bioreactors of membrane (MBR): thanks to the technology of membranes of flat plate or hollow fiber we can eliminate the need of secondary decanting at the same time that an effluent of the highest quality is obtained.

ImWater treatment plants can be adjusted to the needs of the client, including:

ImWater water treatment plants are designed to meet the needs of the client and can be composed of:

  • Pumping wells
  • Pre-treatments (roughing channels, rotary sieves, etc.)
  • Primary treatments (dissolved air flotation (DAF), primary decantation …)
  • Secondary treatments (prolonged oxidation, compact systems MBBR (fluidized beds), MBR reactors (membranes), secondary decanters …)
  • Tertiary treatments (Filtration in sand and activated carbon, UV disinfection, chlorination …)
  • Sludge treatment (thickeners, centrifugal decanters, band filters, filter press …)

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