Chemical Dosing Systems

skid cloro gas

We manufacture all kind of chemical dosing systems for water treatment.


Disinfection: Liquid sodium hipochlorite, Gas clorine
Coagulation: Liquid or powder aluminium sulphate (alum), liquid aluminium polichloride
Flocculation: Specially formulated polyelectrolytes
pH adjustment: caustic soda, lime, hydrocloric acid, sulphuric acid
Anti-scalant: Specially formulated solutions to prevert scale forming in reverse osmosis systems
Chlorine reducers: Chlorine sequesters like sodium bisulphite or similar,to protect membranes
The chemical dosing systems can be pre-installed over structural frames, also named skids, over panels to be fixed on the wall, over the chemical tanks with some reinforcement, etc.


Components of the chemical dosing systems:

Tanks of the adequate material and with several dimensions and form factors
Retention tanks
Switches, sensors and level visors
Transfer pumps
Dosing pumps (electromagnetic, diafragm, peristaltic, etc)
Accesories like injection valves, suction filters, pulse dampeners, flowmeters, calibration columns, etc.
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