Brakish water desalination (BWRO)


Brakish water desalination (BWRO)

ImWater carries out complete projects for brackish water desalination systems, from the distrubition network or well/borehole, from the engineering phase to the manufacture, assembly and supply of equipment.

These equipment are known as BWRO systems (Brakish Water Reverse Osmosis). The brackish water desalination process is very similar to that of sea water, but generally lower pressures are required, stainless steels of less demanding qualities are used since the conductivities are lower, and conversions can be higher, in the range of 60-90%.


  • Hospitality establishments on islands where the water of the network is brackish or hard
  • Isolated communities with brackish aquifer water catchments
  • Decontamination of aquifers with nutrient infestation
  • Agriculture (blueberry plantations, etc.)
  • Spring water bottlers

For all these cases, it is necessary to treat the water through a reverse osmosis process, in order to eliminate excess salts or dissolved metals.


  • Pretreatments
  • Filters with a bed of silex, anthracite, Turbidex …
  • Filters with activated carbon bed
  • Cartridge filters (microfiltration)
  • Dosing of conditioning chemicals
  • High pressure pumping (multistage centrifuges)
  • Reverse osmosis racks
  • Post-treatments (for example dosing of residual chlorine)
  • Membrane flushing and washing systems CIP


The brackish water desalination plants  that we offer can have small or medium treatment capacities, so that they are supplied mounted on a single skid or containerized structure, or even several of them.

  • Small desalination plants for agriculture or small communities: They can be treatment systems of less than 1 m3/h up to, for example, 10 m3/h. According to your needs. To supply for example up to 1000-2000 people. ImWater supplies them fully pre-assembled, ready to connect the inputs, outputs and electricity. Easy operation and maintenance. Reduced chemical consumption.
  • Complete compact medium desalination systems: Compact systems pre-assembled in racks or containers, modular, with unit modules of up to 2000 m3/day. Our most common pre-established capacities are the following, although custom plants can be made:
      • IMBWRO 50 => 50 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 100 => 100 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 200 => 200 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 500 => 500 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 1000 => 1000 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 1500 => 1500 m3/day
      • IMBWRO 2000 => 2000 m3/day
      • Larger systems can be configured with several of these modules interconnected in parallel.


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