Brakish water desalination

ImWater performs complete projects for brackish water desalination systems, from the network or well, from the engineering phase to the manufacture, assembly and supply of equipment.


Sometimes, the water available to be captured through a well has a high content of dissolved salts that make it categorized as brackish. It is also possible that an aquifer has a concentration of metals or salts that is considered harmful for consumption or for its use. There are cases in which the water supplied by the network has a level of salubrity higher than desired.

For all these cases, it is necessary to treat the water through a process of reverse osmosis, in order to eliminate this excess of dissolved salts or metals.

The brackish water desalination process is similar to that of seawater, but generally lower pressures are required, stainless steels of less demanding qualities since the conductivities are lower, and higher conversions can be obtained.


  • Hospitality establishments on islands where the water of the network is brackish or hard
  • Isolated communities with brackish aquifer water catchments
  • Decontamination of aquifers with nutrient infestation
  • Agriculture (blueberry plantations, etc.)
  • Spring water bottlers

osmosis 2
Brackish water desalination plant for agriculture



  • Pretreatments
  • Filters with a bed of silex, anthracite, Turbidex …
  • Filters with activated carbon bed
  • Cartridge filters (microfiltration)
  • Dosing of conditioning chemicals
  • High pressure pumping (multistage centrifuges)
  • Reverse osmosis racks
  • Post-treatments (for example dosing of residual chlorine)
  • Membrane flushing and washing systems CIP


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