Access to drinking water is essential to life. Without this precious resource, businesses will not be able to operate, plants will not grow, and people will go thirsty. Although it seems that this natural resource is abundant and available, quite the opposite is true. However, containerized seawater desalination solutions are a reasonable solution to this problem.

With the summer coming, many coastal towns are multiplying, such as the entire coast of Mediterranean Coasts or islands around the world, like Canary Islands.

Although cities are trying to raise awareness among tourists, and water is being reused, demand is increasing and can lead to shortages.

On many occasions, the average water consumption per tourist is much higher than that of regular city residents, so water consumption skyrockets in the summer time. The climate emergency is making desalination plants very suitable due to their improved energy optimization.

In fact, access to safe, clean water is a concern for many small towns and municipalities, including those located on islands, and many poor regions.


Therefore, providing clean drinking water to those who live and work in these areas is particularly difficult. Of course, governments must help all of their citizens, businesses and individuals. However, they simply don’t have the knowledge or the resources to come up with a reasonable solution.

Fortunately, technological advances provide a response to this critical issue. of Climate Emergency. A good solution is the desalination of seawater in containers, giving this solution a more compact, robust and scalable character.

IMWATER TREATMENT PLANTS, SL as a company certified for containers manufacturing, offers to its customers the possibility of integrating solutions for sea water and well water in containers, depending on the water problem of each customer; offering a personalized solution to each case, and adapted to the particular needs of the customers.

Our staff will be in charge of the entire engineering and design process, as well as the final starting-up of the plant, including the training of operators.

These solutions are scalable, making them more versatile and flexible.

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