The heart of any Reverse Osmosis plant is the semipermeable membrane. This membrane contains extremely small pores that only allow the passage of water molecules, effectively blocking contaminants and impurities present in the water. When pressure is applied to the impure water on one side of the membrane, the water is forced to flow to the opposite side, leaving behind unwanted substances. As a result, high-quality purified water is obtained on the permeate side, while impurities are removed through the reject side. These Reverse Osmosis membranes degrade over time and need to be replaced approximately every 3 years.


ImWater supplies 8″ and 4″ LG brand Reverse Osmosis membranes for both brackish water and seawater desalination. LG is a market leader in membranes, offering a product with the highest standards of durability and salt rejection. They also have an extensive catalog of membranes that perfectly adapt to each particular case.

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