Rural areas in the African continent are still lack of water solutions. The water shortages in rual areas may be caused by remoteness. Villages in these areas are usually far from national water networks.

Sub Saharan Africa remains the region where water supply in rural areas is least developed. Around 400 million people without a secure source of drinking water.

Access to water in rural areas has improved thank to new solutions supported by governments in sub-Saharan Africa. Among them are Drinking Water Compact Plants (CWP).

These Compact Water Units, or package units, are offered by Imwater, as one of the European Leaders in the supply of these kind of Units during the last 15 years in the area.

Water Solutions in containerized structures are modular, stackable, mobile, with a short installation process, easy to transport, flexible and sustainable…ideal for remote locations, rural areas, etc.

IMWATER has developed decentralised solutions in our workshops located in the north of Spain (Gijón – Asturias), that allow the deployment of access to drinking water throughout different countries and continents.

Imwater Group, is specialized in Drinking Water, Desalination Plants and Solar & Water combined solutions, integrated and containerized.

These containerized systems are already in operation in several countries, especially in Africa.